Award Winning Houston Abstract Artist
Art Instructor - Art Classes

I am currently accepting new students for my Tuesday night abstract encaustics and/or acrylics class. Also, accepting students for my Thursday day abstract acrylics at the education studio in Art Supply.

Even though I will be moving to the Galveston Bay area, I will be teaching and exhibiting primarily in Houston.

I will be having an art show benefiting the Baykeeper Foundation this fall. I have invited three other artists to participate with me so it should be fun. I will also participate in Art on the Avenue and Gambol exhibit at Art League Houston. I will still be teaching at Art Supply (Houston) and will do workshops all over the place including College Station.

Remember to stop by Olympus Granite Showroom at 2141 Bingle Road (close to Hammerly) to see my work in Houston! Mahalo, Salli